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Hi I’m Bruno, a freelance recording engineer, mixer and music producer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I studied Sounddesign at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam in 2014 and Music Production at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) and received my Bachelor degree in Music. While studying I was active as a touring musician/producer in the Rotterdam Indie-Rock trio Standup’69 through Holland, Germany and the UK and was offered an internship at Pure Jingles in Hilversum where I got to push my skills to good use for professional clients like 3FM, Studio Brussel and NRJ.

Since then I have seen many sides within the music industry, under the spotlights and behind the scenes or in teamwork or individually. As a drummer and producer for Standup’69 I recorded 2 EPs and an Album and translated the production to sound amazing Live. Combining my work as a Live and Studio Engineer for multiple artists and venues now gained me a lot if insight in how to satisfy the artist/performer in a creative and performing environment. With this flexibility I can find my way with any analog or digital audio equipment in any studio. So don’t you worry 😉

So if you need audio recording for your EP/album, Live video or anything else?

Please Contact Me!